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World recordCrossing The English Channel from Calais to Dover as fast as possible with a solar-powered boat

First challenge:

Becoming the world champion

Monaco, July 2019

This year we will be competing in the Offshore class of the Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge. This is the equivalent world championship for solar boats. Our boat will be designed to compete in the mediterranean sea. This means that we will face several new challenges, such as designing a solar boat in rough seas.

The Offshore Class competition has two different stages. The first stage will be a race of approximately 30 kilometres, from Monaco to Ventimiglia (IT) and back. The second stage is a race from Monaco to Cannes (FR) and back, approximately 93 km in length. In order to win the competition, we need to set the fastest time for both races. This won’t be easy to achieve, because our competitors consist not only of other student teams but also companies and privately funded teams. Some of our competitors participate with small electric speedboats. We, on the other hand, want to show that a solar-powered boat with our innovative technology is even faster by using the available energy even more efficiently.


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The only Dutch team

Second challenge:

Breaking the world record

The Channel, August 2019

In July 2019, we will write history. The TU Delft Solar Boat Team will attempt to break the world record of the fastest solar boat ever to cross the English Channel.

In the last week of July, we plan to cross the strait between Calais and Dover as fast as possible. With this attempt, we want to show the world that it is possible to cross the English Channel powered by solar panels only.


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