Join the TU Delft Solar Boat Team

Are you interested in being part of the next TU Delft Solar Boat Team?

Do you have what it takes to to make a change with a hydrofoiling solar powered boat, together with a team of top performing students?

and fill in the interestlist below! Do you have what it takes to be part of our team? Send your motivation and your CV to and fill in the interestlist below!

The deadline is 15 March 2020.


Interest events

Dreamhall Interest DrinksMonday 17th of February
19.00 h - 20:30 h
Eat & Meet #1Tuesday 25th of February
19.00 h - 20:30 h
Eat & Meet #2Wednesday 4th of March
19.00 h - 20:30 h
Eat & AskFriday 6th of March
12.30 - 14.00

Ask all your final questions!

All drinks & lunch will take place at our homebase:

D:Dream Hall
Stevinweg 4
2628CN Delft

Have questions already about being a part of the TU Delft Solar Boat Team? Send us a message!

Possible functions

We are looking for ambitious students for the following roles:

ManagementFor the management is important to keep an overview and balance within the team. They have to take the lead, be the example and responsible. There must be a vision in order to lead the team. They should plan very well in order realize this vision. Hereby facilitating the team is the most important.
Team ManagerAs a team manager you are the face of the TU Delft Solar Boat Team, you have to give a lot of presentations and you are end responsible for the team and project. Your main task as a team manager is forming and leading a strong team, therefore you have to be people oriented. Thereby you should be able to make difficult decisions, make compromises and are able to motivate people. Lastly it is very important that you always keep an overview and can keep a good balance between time, money and quality.
Financial ManagerThe Financial Manager is responsible for the financial resources, acquisition, and partner relations. The finance related tasks include: making the budget, liquidity planning, in charge of expenses, book keeping and representing the "money" in the trade off triangle of quality, time and money in the management. The acquisition related tasks include: going to events and trade shows, calling and visiting (potential) partners and providing a template and organised structure for the engineers to do sponsoring for their specific parts. The partner relations tasks include: keeping the partners updated, do follow-up, providing a template and organised structure for the engineers how to deal with partner contact, investing time in events / presentations for partners, etc. Furthermore, there will be more general management tasks, that you can divide among your own management depending on everyone's preferences and skills.
Project ManagerThe core task of the Project Manager is to take up the time-aspect of the project. The Project manager is responsible for the planning for the team, and he is in charge of allocating human resources to make sure the team works in the most efficient way. Tasks of the Project Manager include setting deadlines, planning workshops and keeping overview of what needs to be done. He should be organized, confident and able to speak up.
Exposure ManagerThe Exposure Manager is responsible for the professionality of the team both internally as externally. Internally you are responsible to ensure internal motivation and good team work, you have the possibility to make the team proud. External means that you will be busy with how the outside world seas the team, in other words what you show to the media, partners and fans. But also how you can improve the image of the team and how to reach as many people as possible in order to inspire the world. You will do this by setting up a storyline, organizing events, keeping track of the website and much more.
Chief EngineerThe main responsibility from the Chief Engineer is ensuring the quality of the boat. Thereby you must be able the manage the engineers and chiefs. The Chief Engineer looks at the integration and communication between the departments. To ensure the quality of the boat knowledge about the entire design and production process is needed. Lastly the Chief Engineer should be strong at communicating so he/she will be able to communicate with the entire team. A natural leader that is able to make decisions is needed.
Chief Department (VD, H&B, Electro)An Engineering chief you are responsible for a part of the design of the boat.
Thereby you will lead your department. The Engineering chief should be both strong technically as being strong in management skills. You should be a natural leader with strong communication skills and are able to carry the responsibility of the department.
Vehicle Dynamics Engineer (VD)Vehicle Dynamics is among other things responsible for converting all the solar energy into propulsion underwater. We do this with a lightweight motor the size of an apple, but it has enough power to make the boat fly at 55 km/h. In order to keep the motor cool, nanofluids are used in a closed loop, which get cooled by the surroundings of the rear strut. To increase flow and reduce resistance, extremely small tubes and connectors from the medical industry are used. You will design and custom make the propeller for our boat, which is attached to the strut. Producing the strut is challenging, since our driveline needs to fit in a thin strut. To reduce drag, the end of the strut is razor sharp. This way, our boat is more efficient, so we can sail faster, with less energy.
Electrical Engineer (Electro)Software is the brain of the boat. Every software component belongs to a hardware component, that you will make yourself. The boat has a variety of systems on board, such as the motor, wings and solar panels. The software makes it possible for these systems to communicate with each other via the CAN Bus protocol. The CAN Bus system is like a train: it drives back and forth through our boat, picks up information at every stop and delivers it at every other stop. All this data comes together in our pilot interface. This year, we added a new element to our steering wheel: a screen. Next year you can be in charge of making the next iteration.
Hull & Body Engineer (H&B)As engineer in the hull and body department you are responsible for the design of the hull, deck and internal structures of the boat. You will look at designing a boat with as little drag as possible, while still able to accommodate all systems required to propel the boat. Furthermore, the structural integrity of the boat has to be ensured. Making use of finite element software, you will calculate how strong the boat needs to be, while keeping the weight at a minimum.