Anna Koper



After finishing my bachelor Industrial design engineering last year I was looking for a new challenge. I didn’t want to start a master yet and wanted to find a cool project to commit myself to for a year. My goal was to apply my own knowledge in new fields and acquire more skills and experience on a different area than just industrial design.

When I heard about the Solar Boat Team I was interested right away. I wanted to be a part of this. Within the team there is a lot of involvement and enthusiasm, which makes for a great atmosphere to work in. To me it is amazing to see everybody’s commitment towards one goal: inspiring change in the maritime industry and working towards a green future. We are in a very unique position to set an example and inspire people by showing what we can achieve in just one year.

This year I’m a member of the exposure department. I’m in the position to show what we are working on, tell our story and show you our goals. My personal goal for this year is to make as much people as possible enthusiastic about this project. Because it really is a very ambitious and awesome project!

Anna Koper