Daniel van Paassen

Fuel Cell Engineer

@: daniel.vanpaassen@solarboatteam.nl

The closest I normally come to sailing is on a windsurfing board, so why am I part of the TU Delft Solar Boat Team? During my bachelor Electrical Engineering I have always been fascinated with using my skills to build a sustainable future, as I have done with my BEP, where I modeled the transition of a normal neighborhood to a CO2 neutral one. Besides that, the team dynamics and ambiance really enable me to be the best version of myself, by the good interpersonal communication and relations within the team. Putting what I know to practice will also help me determine my direction after the bachelor studies.

My vision is to inspire future solar boat years to innovate and develop cutting-edge technologies. This year I want to bring the team towards the finish line of the offshore race in Monaco. Inspired by the ingenuity around me, I am motivated to apply my skills and help make the team as strong as it can be!

Within the Electronics department I am in charge of operating the fuel cell and delivering that power to our system. Of course, this does not mean I will only be working on the fuel cell; I will also help and learn from the other activities of the Electronics department, as well as all other departments in the team!

Daniel van Paassen