Eline Driesse

Operations Manager

@: eline.driesse@hydromotionteam.nl

I knew that after my Bachelor's degree in Life Science & Technology I wanted to take a different path for a while to learn new things. I have always been interested in managing and organizing but had never really had the chance to explore this further. Then the idea came to me to apply for a dream team. Focusing full time for a year on a unique project sounded to me like a super fun challenge and a way to improve my soft skills. I also thought this was the perfect opportunity to help a little with the transition to a sustainable future. Instead of just learning about it, you really apply it in practice.

Because of my affinity with water sports, the Hydro Motion Team was a logical choice, but the atmosphere within the team also appealed to me. The switch to hydrogen last year also made me very curious. Hydrogen in the maritime sector is new and I think it would be great to bring as many people as possible into this project and show them what is possible.

Now I am fulfilling the task of Operations manager. I am responsible for the finances and make the link between the partners and exposure. Because of this, I have a lot of partner contact and am involved in planning, visiting and organizing events. It is so much fun that I am doing something totally different than in my studies, I am learning new things every day. We are taking on the challenge with a driven, enthusiastic and fantastic team and that promises to be a good thing.

Eline Driesse