Bart van Gisbergen

Powertrain Engineer


No country is responsible for the maritime sector, so there is a lot of innovation in the transition to sustainable energy. I want to be a part of that transition. With the team we use solar energy for maritime purposes in order to create a more sustainable future.

Last year I finished my bachelors in Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics. I joined the Solar Boat Team, because I wanted to use my physics knowledge in practice. I also enjoy engineering and wanted to keep the combination of mathematics and engineering. The Solar Boat Team is ideal for this, because we design, build, test and race a boat within a year. This will also teach me about product design.

Within the electronics department I am responsible for the powertrain. This means I’m mainly working on the battery and the motor controller. I work on storing the solar-energy in the most efficient way and making sure it reaches the motor. I’m looking forward to learning more about electronics this year!

Bart van Gisbergen