Emir Sarlak

Steering Dynamics Engineer

@: emir.sarlak@solarboatteam.nl

By being part of this team, I want to raise awareness on the urgency of implementing sustainable systems in every aspect of our lives and also contribute to the transition of the maritime industry. The sailing experience I had before moving to the Netherlands helped me develop great respect and care for the sea. Throughout my sailing experiences, I have learned the importance of living a life that is not detached from nature but instead merged with it.

I see this team as a unique opportunity to challenge myself next to my studies in which I can implement the technical knowledge I acquire in my studies to real-life while getting to know new people and learn how to work systematically in a team.

This year, I am a steering dynamics engineer for the vehicle dynamics department. That means that I design the steering mechanism, which makes the boat as stable and maneuverable as possible.

Emir Sarlak