Eva Smits

Chief Engineer

Mail: eva.smits@solarboatteam.nl

As a little girl I got passionate about boats. I love to go out to sea on a ship. Along with my interest in technology, the bachelor Maritime Engineering is a perfect choice for me. I find the theoretical knowledge of shipbuilding extremely interesting, but I would like to put it into practice. Therefore, the Solar Boat Team is the perfect challenge for me.

In the Solar Boat Team we work together with a multidisciplinary group of students for a year. The goal is to win the Solar Sport One Race, which consist of five competitions. We can accomplish this by designing, building and racing the best solar powered boat. There is a huge variety of challenges that await us. This year, my job is to deliver one boat at the end of the year. In addition, I am also responsible for the quality of the boat. I am excited for this unique opportunity!

During this year, I hope to gain more practical experience. In addition to enriching my technical knowledge, I want increase my people skills. As a team, we constantly challenge each other to achieve the best result possible. At the same time we are building a close friendship. This is what makes us strong as a team. My year will be a success if we, as a team of friends, finish first with our solar boat.

Eva Smits