Luigi Manni

Project Manager


I am an enthusiastic and open minded student, always looking for new challenges and opportunities. After getting my Bachelor degree in Rome, Italy, I moved to Delft for my Master in Aerospace engineering. Here I wanted to find a stimulating project to work on, where I could apply my theoretical knowledge. Then what better than the Solar Boat Team? In this project, I can combine my great passion for boats with a high level engineering challenge. Designing, building and racing a solar boat in just one year, with a team of only students, represents a huge learning opportunity for all of us, where we can grow individually and as a team.

This year I am the project manager of the team. I have always liked managing, because as a manager I can see the big picture of the project. The responsibilities that come with it are another challenge I'm willing to take up, motivating me to work harder and harder.

This year we will compete in the Solar Sport One competition, and we want to win to become all round world Champions. This goal pushes us every day, as we have to think outside of the box and come up with innovative solutions. When we will win, we will show the world what is possible to achieve with solar energy, and we will inspire the industry to move towards a more sustainable future. This team makes the team unique and I'm extremely proud to be a part of it!

Luigi Manni