Tristan Hamers

Chief Hull and Body


We all have to invest in sustainable innovation and the maritime sector is no exception. By developing and producing yaw- dropping solar powered boats each year, the Solar Boat team contributes to the energy transition in the maritime sector. As a student team, we show the world the potential of solar energy.

The TU Delft Solar Boat Team gives me the opportunity to use my engineering knowledge obtained in the bachelor Aerospace Engineering. I am enthusiastic to be be part of this ambitious and inspiring project. Seeing that my personal interest takes me to a sustainable focussed engineering sector, joining the Solar Boat Team proved to be an easy choice.

As Chief Hull & Body for the 2020 team, I am responsible for designing and producing an efficient and lightweight hull design. This helps the team in optimising the use of the solar energy generated and thus increasing the overall performance of the Boat!

Tristan Hamers