Esmée Gajadin

Public Relations and Exposure


Nice that you are interested in the Solar Boat Team! My interest was also sparked by the Hydro Motion project. My name is Esmée Gajadin and this year I am involved in Public Relations & Exposure, together with my teammates.

My interest in sustainable technologies in the energy sector has grown strongly in recent years. This started during my bachelor Science, Business & Innovation at the VU University Amsterdam and continued to grow in my master Complex Systems Engineering & Management at Delft University of Technology, where I focus on the socio-technical part of the energy transition. I am especially interested in a possible hydrogen future and overcoming barriers to achieve this. What I like about the Hydro Motion project is that I can apply my theoretical knowledge in practice in a multidisciplinary team in which team members become good friends.

In my role as Public Relations & Exposure I form the bridge between acquisition and exposure. I will support the financial manager by being in close contact with partners in order to make them feel as involved as possible. In addition, I strengthen the exposure team by focusing on providing regular updates to everyone interested in our project. With this I hope to transfer my own enthusiasm for the energy transition and hydrogen as a part of it to others and to be able to contribute to accelerating the energy transition!

Esmée Gajadin