Fleur Jansen


@: fleur.jansen@hydromotionteam.nl

Hi, I'm Fleur! After three years of Industrial Design Engineering, I am taking up the challenge of working on an innovative hydrogen-powered boat. This year, I am part of the exposure department. I am responsible of how we present ourselves to the world. Together with the operations team, we spread our enthusiasm.

I joined the TU Delft Hydro Motion Team this year because I believe that with this team, we can make a difference in the maritime sector. Hydrogen has enormous potential for a sustainable future and we need to show this to the rest of the world!

The exposure position is the perfect role for me. I can express my own passion for design here and I can learn a lot of new things from contacting our partners and organizing events. In addition to my own role, I want to learn from my other team members about topics outside my comfort zone, such as the technology of the boat.

This year I will be spreading our sustainable vision, show our boat, and taking action to accelerate sustainable technologies in the maritime industry. In this way, we can work together towards a green future.

Fleur Jansen