Hessel Schulte

Energy Management

@: hessel.schulte@hydromotionteam.nl

Building a boat from nothing in one year that runs exclusively on hydrogen. It sounds like an absurd idea, yet the Hydro Motion Team competes in a race every year. I continue to find that impressive. Not only is there a lot to be done and learned in a very short time, there is also a serious contribution to the energy transition in a sector where change is often slow.

This year, within the electronics department, I am responsible for the energy buffer and energy management of the boat. Essentially, I ensure that the energy in the boat flows efficiently and safely and is stored. In addition, I am working on the communications systems so that people in the boat can keep in touch with people on the shore.  These tasks form the ideal combination of software and hardware. These are the tasks I am most interested in and I am looking forward to delving into every aspect of it.

After three years of studying Applied Physics I have had the necessary preparation on a theoretical level to start this project. Now it is time to put ideas into practice and find sustainable solutions to complex problems.  The skills I am gaining with the Solar Boat Team will be essential in all future projects to accelerate the energy transition wherever it is needed.

Hessel Schulte