Jomi Baggerman

Cooling and Steering Engineer


Working for a DREAM team in Delft is something I have always dreamed of when I started my study. The Solar Boat DREAM Team particularly appealed to me, because I have always been involved with boats and water sports. Within this team I have the opportunity to put the knowledge I gained during my studies into practice. I enjoy this very much, especially because my study, applied physics, is quite theoretical. Also the cooperation with all students from different backgrounds is something I enjoy very much.

Within the team, I am responsible for the cooling of the components that generate a lot of heat and the steering mechanism of the boat. This is a very challenging position, especially since this year we will be working with a fuel cell for the first time. This fuel cell creates an enormous amount of heat, which means we will have to drastically change the boat's cooling system this year.

Something I am of course very much looking forward to is the race at the end of the year in Monaco. Together with the team we are going to do everything we can to win this race!

Jomi Baggerman