Laura Hurenkamp

Exposure Manager


After finishing my Bachelor Industrial Design at the TU Delft, I was looking forward to taking a break from the study life. I wanted to use a full year to work on a really cool project myself.

This brought me to the TU Delft Solar Boat Team. I wasn't very familiar with boats or sustainable technologies myself, but the idea really appealed to me. To show what can be achieved in a year together with a close group of driven students. To strive for the beautiful and important goal of a green future together. To build an amazing thing together like a boat that sails completely on green energy.

My function in the team is that of the exposure manager. I am concerned with the professionalism of the team and how we present ourselves to the world. Together with the operations team, I spread the enthusiasm of our team to a larger audience. A very nice task that suits me well.

I can express my own passion for design. Furthermore, I look forward to learning a lot in other areas as well: the techniques out of the boat, but also about communication, collaboration, management skills and I will learn a lot about myself.

This year I will spread our sustainable vision, show our boat and reach the maritime world. In this way, we can work together towards a green future. I would like to take everyone along on our journey this year!

Laura Hurenkamp