Mannes van de Winkel

External Relations and Acquisition


As a kid, I was always making things, starting with tree houses, skate ramps and as I got older my old motorcycle. Studying in Delft has brought me a lot and during my studies I always looked forward to the moment when I could put my theoretical knowledge into practice. Creating things again, but this time with so much more knowledge!

After completing the second year of my bachelor Aerospace Engineering, I was looking for an opportunity where I would be challenged in a different way than my studies. I grew up on a boat and since then I spend a lot of time on the water. So when I came across this project, a flying hydrogen-powered boat, it seemed like the perfect opportunity!

As External Relations and Acquisition, my responsibilities include the team's partner relationships. Together with our partners, we are working towards a greener, more sustainable future, starting with the maritime industry. We all do it in our own way, but with one common goal; the realization of the energy transition.

We learn a lot from our partners. By having a lot of contact with all kinds of companies, I get a taste of the many different ways people work and I come across many interesting projects and ideas. In this way I want to discover what I like best and stimulate my personal development. I see my time at the Solar Boat Team as a learning experience, in which I will become acquainted with hydrogen and its contribution to the energy transition.

Mannes van de Winkel