Martin van Schie

Wings and Struts


This year I am the engineer responsible for the wings and struts of this year's boat. I joined the Hydro Motion project because I believe that hydrogen will play a major role in the energy infrastructure of the future, both in energy storage for electricity and as an energy carrier for transport vehicles. Playing a role in the development and implementation of hydrogen is what I aspire to do this year and later in my career as well.

This project is an awesome opportunity to get experience with hydrogen, as well as improving my professional skills and doing a project from start to finish. With that I mean a project where you start with a blank sheet of paper and end with a finished product, which is something we do not do at Aerospace Engineering, where I have finished my bachelor and am doing my master in Flight Performance. The idea that my decisions have direct and real consequences for the project and team is a great drive to do my best and improve myself.

My knowledge from Aerospace Engineering will help me with the design of the wings and struts, which are essentially small aircraft wings under water. Since I was young I have always had an inquisitive mind, always wanting to learn and discover how things and the world work. This mindset to learn will assist me in finding the best solutions to the problems me and my team will face.

Martin van Schie