Olav van Voorst

Chief Engineer

@: olav.vanvoorst@solarboatteam.nl

Ever since I started studying in Delft the D:Dreamteams got my attention. It's interesting how a group of motivated students can achieve the most ambitious goals, by applying the theoretical knowledge from their studies. Last year’s team created the world’s first flying hydrogen boat. An astonishing result after one year of hard work. This year, I am looking forward to take over this challenge and to further investigate the possibilities that arise when using hydrogen as an energy source.

After completing the bachelor in Aerospace Engineering, this was the exact challenge I was looking for, because it allows me to gain more practical knowledge. The Solar Boat Team allows us to go through an entire design process with the help of the enormous community around it.

This year,  I will have the role of Chief Engineer, which means that I am responsible for an efficient workflow and integration of the entire engineering department while maintaining the overall quality.

Olav van Voorst