Olivier de Jong

Structural Engineer

@: olivier.dejong@solarboatteam.nl

The reason I joined the Solarboat team is that I want to contribute to a greener and more sustainable future. I was shocked when hearing about the pollution caused by boats, and saw the solar boat team as a great initiative to make the world more aware of renewable energy in the maritime industry.

During my bachelor’s in mechanical engineering, we did small group projects in which we needed to build something and use it to compete against the other groups. I always really enjoyed these projects, because of the combination of theoretical and practical knowledge. Also, the competitive element was very appealing to me, motivating me to work harder, because I have always enjoyed winning. These projects never lasted longer than a couple of months, leaving me with the feeling like more could have been achieved. With the end of my bachelor nearing, I decided I wanted to put my knowledge to the test and join a project in which a full potential could be reached.

This year, I am a structural engineer in the hull and body department. I have to ensure the boat is able to withstand all the loads the boat will encounter in the Solar Sport One competition. My goal for this year is winning the Solar Spot One Race Challenge in the Netherlands and Monaco. With last years team setting the bar high by becoming world champions, I am super motivated to prolong this title and create an even better boat!

Olivier de Jong