Palle Maesen



After the second year of my bachelor in Computer Science I really needed a challenge, to learn things about my study in a different way and to expand my knowledge to other fields. That’s why I began looking into the dreamteams of the TU Delft. When I saw the 2021 boat coming out of the water and when it started to fly, I knew that this was the project I wanted to work on.

Another reason I wanted to work on the Hydro Motion project was the fact that the interdepartmental collaboration is much higher than other teams. This gave me a way to learn about aspects of the boat outside of my own field. After a while I realized that this can not only be a challenge and source of knowledge for me, but that it can be a chance to make a change towards a sustainable future.

We can show the world and the maritime industry what is possible with hydrogen and work together with our partners to implement the technologies we created. My job inside the team is that of an electrical engineer. I, together with the electrical department, will be working on anything electronics related, both software and hardware.

Palle Maesen