Peer Kalk

Chief Electronics


For years the state of the planet we all live on has been concerning me and time and again I have tried to evaluate the changes that we are facing. With a background in sailing, a love for electronics and this aforementioned concern about planet Earth, joining the Hydro Motion Team was a step I wanted to take to expand my technical knowledge and personal interests.

Having recently finished my Bachelor in Electrical Engineering I am now working together with this team on a hydrogen powered boat that will show that a transition to more sustainable energy storage techniques is approachable for both consumers and large industry leaders. Specifically, being the Chief Electronics of the team, I hope to be able to guide the electronics department to a point where we can push the current standards in sustainable technologies and make the boat interesting to the public at the same time.

By creating this boat I hope to get a grasp of the full potential of hydrogen with which I can continue exploring the possibilities in sustainable energy. Hopefully the work I do with the team this year will bring me to a point where I can see what really makes a difference in a large industry and how sustainable technologies can be used to do our bit in changing the Earth for the better.

Peer Kalk