Pieter van der Spek

Height Control Engineer

@: pieter.vanderspek@solarboatteam.nl

Last year I have finished the bachelor Applied Physics at the TU Delft. Here I have gained much theoretical knowledge, but still wanted to put this into practice. The possibility to commit yourself to a project together with a group of driven students, seemed the perfect opportunity to learn practical skills that were not taught at your studies.

The concept of a boat that uses hydrofoils to fly above the water appeals to me a lot. Also I was enthused about the fact that the Solar Boat can sail with extremely small energy consumption and thereby sets an example for sustainability within the maritime industry.

Within the Solar Boat Team I am responsible for the mechanical aspects of the height control system, which ensures a stable flying height and a comfortable ride. I am looking forward to design and produce the boat together with our team, after which we rise to the challenge at the races in Monaco.

Pieter van der Spek