Rick van Weelden

Height Control

@: rick.vanweelden@hydromotionteam.nl

During my studies in Applied Mathematics, I learned to think in an analytical way and to translate practical problems into a mathematical model. In doing so, I gained a lot of theoretical knowledge, but never used such a model to actually build something. The Hydro Motion Team is therefore a great project in which a model will indeed lead to a creation; a flying boat on hydrogen.

Next year, as an electrical engineer, I will be working on the height control system of the boat and the wiring harness inside the boat. The altitude control system will ensure that we can fly stably and that the ride is somewhat comfortable. The cables will ensure that the components in the boat are connected in a safe and effective manner.

I am looking forward to working with a small but close team to design and produce a hydrogen-powered boat, to use it to inspire people and to win the race in Monaco!

Rick van Weelden