Shayan Farrokhi

Chief Powertrain


Halfway through last year, I didn't really know what I wanted to do this year. During my bachelors in Applied Mathematics and Applied Physics I gained a lot of technical and theoretical knowledge, which I would also like to apply in practice. Preferably for a project that contributes to the realization of a sustainable future. During one of the interest evenings of the Dream Teams, which I attended, I knew instantly. I was immediately charmed by the professional atmosphere of the team and the quality of the project.

As Chief Powertrain I am responsible for the safe integration of one of the most fascinating and complex parts of the boat: the hydrogen system. This includes the tank where hydrogen is stored, the pipes through which hydrogen is transported, the fuel cell where chemical energy is converted into electrical energy, but also certain components of the complex electrical system that drives the boat. In addition, I am responsible for the communication between my department and the other departments of the team and I ensure an optimal working atmosphere within my department so that the engineers can reach their full potential.

I am very much looking forward to applying the technical and theoretical knowledge I gained during my bachelors in practice to get the boat working so we can inspire the maritime industry to switch to hydrogen. Looking at the professional, but also friendly atmosphere within this team, I am sure that we are going to do something great in Monaco this year!

Shayan Farrokhi