Sige van Beurden

Financial Manager


When I was 15 years old, I heard of the amazing innovative projects at the TU Delft. Since then, I wanted to join a Dreamteam of the TU Delft as soon as this was possible. Now that I have finished my bachelor's degree, it is the perfect opportunity to follow my dreams and work together with other students on a very ambitious goal.

I enjoyed the atmosphere of the Solar Boat teammembers at the recruitment days. In addition, I really like to be innovative and build something new instead of optimalising on the previous years. My minor was also about innovation, co-creation and the impact on the environment. So, building a solar boat with state-of-the-art technologies fits very well into my ambition.

As the Financial Manager, I am responsible for the expenses and revenues. I like to talk with people and get into the 'business world'. Together with the team and our partners, I want to realise the amazing goal of building a solar boat that goes offshore.

Sige van Beurden