Suzet Giltay

Propulsion and Height Control


Contributing to a Dreamteam is something that appealed to me from the beginning of my study. Now I am a part of the TU Delft Hydro Motion Team. Our team has been contributing to the energy transition in the maritime sector for several years now, with technically advanced and innovative projects. This year we will do this by for the first time design and build a vessel especially to sail on hydrogen. Since this is a great challenge, a highly motivated and ambitious team is needed. The tight atmosphere and drive that the team shows are things that attract me a lot. I am very proud that I am a part of this team!

This year, I hope to apply the knowledge I gained during my study in Mechanical Engineering within the Vehicle Dynamics department. Here, I am responsible for the propulsion of the boat: the transmission from the torque of the motor to the propeller. Furthermore, I work on the mechanical aspects of the height control system, to maintain a stable height when flying.

I look forward to discover what we can achieve this year as a team and I hope to bring the first place in the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge back to Delft and become world champions!

Suzet Giltay