Thomas Kamminga

Software Engineer


One thing I have always done a lot is sailing. This started when I was twelve and went to sailing camp in faraway Friesland. There I learned to love sailing. Furthermore, I have always had another interest, which is working with software and electronics. This is of course the place to combine all these passions!

I joined the team after the design presentation, which had one big advantage. I could already see what kind of boat was coming. In this boat I saw the great challenges that I could help overcome. I am going to do this by writing software for the boat and eventually participate in the data analysis of the boat. All of this with a clear goal, to create a boat that flies over the water for hours with no greenhouse gas emissions through a hydrogen system. What could be more awesome than that!

By developing these complex systems I can not only contribute to the team, but also go through a lot of personal development. With a clear goal. To win the race in Monaco!

Thomas Kamminga