Tim Kaasjager

Battery Engineer

@: tim.kaasjager@solarboatteam.nl

Climate change has influenced a large part of the choices I make in life. It has led me to adapt in my personal life, but it also drives my ambition. Having studied Applied Physics at the Delft University of Technology, I am often occupied with the potential for technology to build a sustainable future.

During my studies, I felt like I had only scratched the surface of one of the most essential disciplines in our technology-driven societies: electronics. If we want to move towards a more sustainable future and continue using our smartphones, laptops and countless other electronic utilities, a lot has to happen. I hope my work as an electronics engineer as part of the Solar Boat Team will equip me with the tools to understand this challenge, and its solutions.

During the coming semester, I will be working on the boat’s battery and help out where I can on the electronics side. Although it is not (yet!) my expertise, I am excited to learn more about the fundamental processes that fuel our day to day life. I see my time at the Solar Boat Team as a learning experience, in which I will become familiar with the energy technology that will make the energy transition possible: hydrogen.

Tim Kaasjager