Tim Lelieveld

Chief Hull & Body

Mail: tim.lelieveld@solarboatteam.nl

I joined the Solar Boat experience because I was looking for a unique experience that I would not find anywhere else. The Solar Boat Team 2019 will participate in the offshore class. This means that our boat must be bigger, stronger, more robust and more reliable.

My Bachelor's in Marine Technology teaches you very conservatively. The maritime sector is not so progressive by nature. Here at the Solar Boat you are forced to think in extremes and to come up with solutions that did not exist yet. This is such a cool and unique experience that makes you truly develop into a better person. An example of this is that we use wings to sail above the water instead of conventional sailing in the water, to sail much harder with less energy.

The environment is becoming increasingly important to everyone today and we at the Solar Boat Team would like to inspire everyone to fight for the environment and be sustainable! After all, it is about our future.

Personally, of course, I want to become world champion in Monaco and break the world record of a solar boat crossing the English Channel. I will achieve this together with the great team of the Solar Boat!

Tim Lelieveld