Tom Cratsborn

Project Manager


This year is going to be a great step to innovation within this foundation. Taking the technology that we have been developing for years to the next level. Sailing off shore is going to be challenging. However, we are students so we have everything to win and nothing to lose.

The sustainable energy that we use, can really impact the world. We will have to be faster than electric speedboats and when we win the world championship in Monaco, we really show the world that everything is possible with sustainable energy. We work with the newest technologies and develop systems that have never been built before. This is why I believe that we will be lighter and faster than our competition.

There are so many challenges this year that motivate me. Dealing with the salty conditions of the Mediterranean Sea, taking three passengers and dealing with large waves in a race of 100 kilometres.

Next to my study, I gained experience in personal leadership and theoretical knowledge about management. Now I want to put this to practice in this challenging project. The Solar Boat Team is an amazing team that really pushes boundaries and I want to contribute to that while I pursue my passions. I love planning and working together with this diverse group of people. Structuring the complete project while keeping the time-aspect in mind motivates me every single day. This project is so unique and a great opportunity to learn more about myself, the team and how I work in this team.

Tom Cratsborn