Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

Every year we show the potential of our sustainable boats in spectacular races. This year we will compete in the Open Sea Class of the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge and prove the power of hydrogen! The spectacular challenge welcomes students and professionals from across the world to race in several classes with sustainable powered boats.

We will participate in the Open Sea Class with our flying hydrogen-powered boat! In order to win, we need to get the highest score over a total of three challenges: manoeuverability, speed and endurance.

To push our team and achieve as much as possible in just one year, we set our goal to win the overall Open Sea Class! This means we design our boat to excel in all three races; manoeuverability, speed and endurance. This way we want to inspire everybody to accelerate the transition to sustainable shipping.

Open Sea Class

16 NM coastal raceThe team with the fastest boat to complete the course of about 16 nautical miles in length will win this challenge.
Manoeuvrability challengeTest the maneuvering capabilities of the team and complete the set course within the least amount of time.
Endurance challengeThe biggest Challenge: sail for 6 hours straight without recharging. The team covering the most distance wins!

2021 Monaco energy boat challenge

The 2021 team participated in the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge for the first time with a hydrogen-powered boat!
Read here how the team experienced this:

It was amazing to arrive in Monaco with the whole team. We successfully completed our first race and flew over the Mediterranean sea with our trimaran. On the second day, the most complex electrical system of our boat was severely damaged, an enormous setback for the team. We examined the boat and were unable to repair it in Monaco with the resources we had. We were so disappointed to not sail the endurance challenge.

Nevertheless we can be extremely proud. We turned our dream of building the world’s first flying hydrogen boat into reality and showed the world the potential of green energy!

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