Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge

Last year we proudly organized our own race to show the competence our new flying solar boat. The year before, in 2019, we became world champions in the offshore class in Monaco. This year we set a new goal with our project Hydro Motion. We want to reach first place in the Open Sea Class of the Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge and become world champions again, but this time with a hydrogen powered boat.

The Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge is an international challenge that welcomes students and professionals from across the world to race in three different classes: Energy, Solar and Open Sea Class. Our team will compete in the Open Sea Class and sail on the great ocean!

To win the Open Sea Class we need to get the highest score over a total of three race sections: manoeuvrability, sprint and endurance. We will put our focus on endurance and optimize our boat to sail as far as possible with the little amount of energy we have on board. During the competition, we need to cover the largest distance within 6 hours. This is a big challenge, so it is essential that our boat sails super efficient. To become world champion we push our limits and work towards our ultimate goal: sailing faster, further and longer.

WorldchampionBecome world champion in the Open Sea Class of the Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge with our hydrogen boat


Monaco Solar & Energy Boat ChallengeOpen Sea Class
6th -10th of July 2021
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