28 ambitious top students

The 2019 team exists out of 28 ambitious students from ten different faculties of the TU Delft. Because of this wide arrange of knowledge and the different backgrounds of each team member we have an incredibly diverse team.

The awesome thing about a project like this one is that you work towards the same goal with so many different people for one year. And that’s really where the strength of a Dreamteam lies in. Below you can read more about the motivation and contribution of each team member!

Kristian Ruiter20180118145547

Kristian Ruiter

Team Manager
Tom Cratsborn20180218165334

Tom Cratsborn

Project Manager
Sige van Beurden20180418165551

Sige van Beurden

Financial Manager
Redmer Aarnink20180518161943

Redmer Aarnink

Exposure Manager
Hull & Body
Tim Lelieveld20180818170049

Tim Lelieveld

Chief Hull & Body
Jochem de Kwant20181018165020

Jochem de Kwant

Structural Engineer
Willemijn Mes20181018170147

Willemijn Mes

Hull Design Engineer
Wouter de Bles20181018170317

Wouter de Bles

Internal structure Engineer
Kimberley van Batenburg20181018170438

Kimberley van Batenburg

Wave analist & Interior design
Riley Barendse20181018170524

Riley Barendse

Modularity Engineer
Vehicle Dynamics
Christopher de Koning20181018170702

Christopher de Koning

Chief Vehicle Dynamics
Gijs van Rijen20181018170805

Gijs van Rijen

Driveline Engineer
Giulia Gatti20181018170857

Giulia Gatti

Cooling & Wings Engineer
Kjell Vleeschouwer20181018171338

Kjell Vleeschouwer

Struts Engineer
Martijn Brummelhuis20181018171607

Martijn Brummelhuis

Height control Engineer & Chief Logistics
Max Bouwmeesters20181018171656

Max Bouwmeesters

Struts & Wings Engineer
Bram de Vree20190507173748

Bram de Vree

Production Specialist
Olmar van Beurden20181018171745

Olmar van Beurden

Chief Electronics
Casper van der Horst20181018171830

Casper van der Horst

Electronics Engineer
Maartje Veraart20181018171918

Maartje Veraart

Telemetrics Engineer
Mariëtte Schönfeld20181018172020

Mariëtte Schönfeld

Height Control Engineer
Maurits van der Tol20181018173123

Maurits van der Tol

Powertrain Engineer
Sven Uitendaal20180318182758

Sven Uitendaal

Danielle Wagenaar20190507111745

Danielle Wagenaar

Chief Strategy
Alexander van Citters20181018162605

Alexander van Citters

Exposure Strategy & Execution
Mechteld Bakkenes20181018165801
Giovanni Lieuw20181018165954

Giovanni Lieuw

Laurens van Rijssel20190507111243


  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Maritime Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Applied Physics
  • Civil Engineering
  • Technology, Policy and Management
  • Industrial Design
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Architecture

About the team

Everybody can make her or his own contribution to a project like this, regardless of the study he or she has done. This is because of the innovative techniques we use to work on our unique vehicle.

The most important characteristic of our teammembers is that they are motivated to learn and that they are willing to give everything for a whole year.

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