20 ambitious students

The team consists of 20 ambitious students from seven different faculties of the TU Delft.  With this diverse team we dedicate ourselves a year-long in order to design, build and race a solar boat.

The power of a Dream Team is that you work together with so many different people towards one goal. Read more about the motivation and contribution of each team member below.

Lena de Rouw20191103170602

Lena de Rouw

Team Manager
Ruben van Es20191103170810

Ruben van Es

Exposure Manager
Eva Smits20191103170854

Eva Smits

Chief Engineer
Luigi Manni20191103170944

Luigi Manni

Project Manager
Melissa Oremans20191104130933

Melissa Oremans

Financial Manager
Hull & Body
Tristan Hamers20191103171114

Tristan Hamers

Chief Hull and Body
Saskia Alberts20191103171029

Saskia Alberts

Hull Design Engineer
Olivier de Jong20191103170703

Olivier de Jong

Structural Engineer
Stephan van Reen20191103170951

Stephan van Reen

Internal Structures Engineer
Vehicle Dynamics
Reinoud Lampe20191103170658

Reinoud Lampe

Chief Vehicle Dynamics
Nikki van Luijk20191103170945

Nikki van Luijk

Wings & Struts Engineer
Marko Rehbein20191103170951

Marko Rehbein

Cooling & Height Control Engineer
Maarten van Nistelrooij20191103171028

Maarten van Nistelrooij

Driveline Engineer
Emir Sarlak20191103170943

Emir Sarlak

Steering Dynamics Engineer
Victor Verbist20191103171117

Victor Verbist

Chief Electronics
Roan van der Voort20191103171611

Roan van der Voort

Height Control Engineer
Menno Looman20191103171026

Menno Looman

Electrical Engineer
Shivani Singh20191103170940

Shivani Singh

Data Acquisition Engineer
Bart van Gisbergen20191103171115

Bart van Gisbergen

Powertrain Engineer
Emma Linders20191103170702

Emma Linders



  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Marine Technology
  • Applied Mathematics & Applied Physics
  • Industrial Design Engineering
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Computer Science

About The Team

The contribution of every team member is essential, regardless of the different study backgrounds and personalities. We need everyone the year round in order to build this unique solar boat full of innovative techniques and in order to win the race.

All team members are very motivated to learn new things and give their 100%.

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